Effect of Operational Parameters on Water-repellent Properties of Woven Cotton Fabric

Nyi Nyi Htoo, Thin Zar Phyowyint


This study was mainly focused on the effect of operational parameters (temperature and concentration of finishing agents) on the properties of water repellent finishes of plain woven cotton fabric. The samples were treated with fluorocarbon based water repellent chemicals by RUDOLF with three different concentrations and three different curing temperatures while keeping with the other parameters at the same conditions. The water repellency of the treated samples were evaluated with ASTM D 583-54 (Spray Test) with spray test rating. The whiteness index test was also done for the treated samples in order to determine the effect of finishes on other subsequent process, i.e., especially dyeing process which partially depends on the condition of yellowness or whiteness of the cotton fabric which can give changes in final colour of the dyed fabric. It was noticed that both the curing temperature and concentration of water repellent agents was the critical factor for the evaluation of water repellency and whiteness index of treated fabrics.

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