Study of the Physical Characteristics for Stretchable Denim Fabrics

Awadhesh Kumar Choudhary, Ramratan Guru, Angat Kumar


In this study, the effects of fabric parameters such as fabric weight (GSM), lycra content and weave on characteristics of stretchable denim fabric was studied. The physical and stretch properties such as thickness, tensile strength, flexural rigidity, stretch properties (stretch, growth and elastic recovery) and air permeability of the fabrics were tested. The test result revealed that increasing the fabric weight enhances the comfort and performances of the fabric except for the fabric flexural rigidity and air permeability. As Lycra contents in fabric increase, the flexural rigidity of fabric increased but breaking strength in weft and air permeability gets reduced. The different fabric constructional weave has also a diverse effect on fabric flexural rigidity and air permeability related to the comfort and performance of stretchable denim fabric. Furthermore, increasing in a crimp in fabric structure increase the flexural rigidity and decrease in air permeability.

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