Optimization of Process Parameters for Simultaneous Fixation of Reactive Printing and Crease Resistant Finishing Using Desirability Function

Dr. Fareha Asim, Prof. Dr. Muzzaffar Mahmood, Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui


This work discusses the potential of process optimization for simultaneous fixation of reactive printing and crease resistant finishing with the help of desirability function. A single step process for reactive printing and crease resistant finishing of cotton fabric is described. The idea is a model based approach due to the complexity of the chemical and physical operational sequence of the combo process. The optimum conditions, including concentration of dye and crease resistant, fixation method and temperature were also investigated. Evaluations of the process were made with respect to K/S, dry and wet crease recovery, tensile and tear strength, fastness to washing, light & rubbing, resistance to abrasion and pilling. An E-Control fixation at a temperature of 135 ˚C was proved to be efficient for imparting single-step reactive print fixation and crease resistant finishing to cotton fabric.

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