Exploration on the Amino Acid Content and Morphological Structure in Chicken Feather Fiber

Kannappan Saravanan, Bhaarathi Dhurai


Converting poultry feather biomass into useful products presents a new avenue of utilization of agricultural waste material. However, not much is understood about the poultry feather structure or methods to process it. Fibers from non-traditional textile sources have the potential to offer novel properties at a reduced cost compared to traditional textile fibers. Feather constitutes over 90% protein, the main component being beta-keratin, a fibrous and insoluble structural protein extensively cross linked by disulfide bonds. An attempt has been made to analyze the amino acid content and the morphological structure of chicken feather fibers for prospective use as natural protein fibers. The study reveals that the presence of both hydrophobic and hygroscopic nature of amino acid makes the feather partially hygroscopic in nature. The presence fat content is about 1.53%. Using the cheap and plentiful feathers as protein fibers will save the cost and benefit the environment.

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