Denim Fabric Surface, Low-stress Tensile and Shear Properties Evaluation based on KES

Biruk Fentahun Adamu


Denim fabrics are used in different applications. In the early times denims were manufactured from 100% cotton yarn in which the warp yarn is dyed and floated in 3/1 twill, but now a day’s different types of yarns are used as weft. In this study four different denim fabric samples of 3/1 Z twill with warp (6.5Ne) density of 60 yarns per inch and weft yarn (12Ne cotton, 14Ne cotton/70 denier spandex, 400 denier polyester/50 denier spandex and 450 denier polyester) density of 40 yarns per inch, were used for investigating the surface and low stress tensile, shear proper¬ties of denim fabrics. Kawabata evaluation system for fabrics (KES-FB) was used to measure surface and mechanical properties of fabrics. The result revealed that denims made from cotton has higher shear and surface properties than denims made from polyester yarn whereas denims made from cotton has lower strength properties than denim made from polyester. Adding spandex in both fabrics (denims made from cotton and denims made from cotton and polyester) improves handling properties like smoothness and recoverability properties.

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