Dimensional Properties of Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics Made with New and Regenerated Cellulosic Fibers

Jallipatty Chinnasamy Sakthivel, N. Anbumani


In this study, dimensional properties of viscose, modal and lyocell single jersey knitted fabrics with three level of loop length were studied under dry,wet and fully relaxation conditions. An attempt has been made to investigate the influence of viscose, modal and lyocell fibers with similar fineness and fiber length (1.5 d X 38 mm). The 14.8 tex stable spun yarn made with viscose, modal and lyocell fiber has been knitted with three level of loop lengths and the knitted fabrics is subjected to dry,wet and fully relaxed states. The lower course and wale spacing values were reported with lyocell fabrics than viscose and modal knitted fabrics. The lower values of course and wale spacing in lyocell fabrics is responsible for higher stitch densities in the lyocell fabrics compare than viscose and modal fabrics. Lyocell fabrics shows, higher areal density with decreasing loop length. It is also found that, ks value of the lyocell fabrics is increases proportionally with increase in the value of tightness factor, compare than viscose and modal fabrics. The fabrics made from lyocell shows maximum bursting strength compare than modal and lyocell fabrics, due to the structural characteristics of lyocell fibers. It has better bursting strength and lower spirality. Single jersey knitted fabrics made with lyocell fibers shows better dimension stability compare than viscose and modal fabrics.

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