Dyeability and Light-Fastness Properties of Onion ‎Scale Dye on Different Fabric Types for Conservation ‎Applications

Khaled Ebrahim Elnagar, Ferial Mahmoud Tera, S. M. Mohamed


The present work aimed to produce variety of colored samples of wool, silk and cotton from ‎natural dye extracted from onion scales for the application in the field of conservation of ‎archaeological textiles. Thus, wool, silk and cotton fabrics were dyed at three dye ‎concentrations using five mordants namely alum, tin chloride, potassium dichromate, copper ‎sulfate and ferrous sulfate. Different strong bright fast colors were obtained. The dyeability, ‎i.e. color and light fastness ratings were found to depend on the fabric type, dye concentration ‎as well as the mordant used. Wool samples showed the best dyeability and light fastness rating ‎followed by silk then cotton samples. High dye concentration gave the highest dyeability and ‎stability to light. Also it was found that light fastness of the onion scale's dye on the three ‎fabrics is very good on using copper sulphate mordant. The least values were obtained with ‎tin chloride mordant, especially on cotton samples. Unmordanted wool and silk fabrics ‎samples gave medium values, while cotton samples recorded low light fastness ones.‎

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