Fit of Sari Blouse: Influencing Parameters and Assessment

Nirmala Varghese, G. Thilagavathi


As fit is a significant problem for women wearing sari blouse, the study examined the physical properties of blouse materials and its influence on fit. Seventeen different blouse materials (100% cotton, polyester/cotton union fabric, polyester/nylon union fabric and 100% polyester) structured in plain weave were chosen for investigation. Front Cup area of the sari blouse was cut in straight, cross and bias grain to understand the effect of fabric grain alignment on blouse fit. The fit was analyzed for 51 blouses through subjective wear trial expressions and visual analysis of fit by judges. The fit attributes: Ease, number of wrinkles and seam line deviations were measured on subjects for overall fit assessment. The results show that the fabric specifications and grain influenced the fit significantly with the p-value 0.001. Furthermore; Positive correlation exists between the scores obtained in subjective wear trial and visual analysis of fit by judges.

Keywords: Sari blouses, fabric grain, wear trial, visual fit, fit analysis

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