An Experimental Study on the Multi-functional Efficacy of Nano TiO2 Treated Denim Fabrics

D. Vijayalakshmi, R. Rathinamoorthy, T. Ramachandran


In this research work, an attempt has been made to impart multi-functional finish on denim fabric for value addition. The denim fabrics were treated with synthesized nano-TiO2 particle using direct exhaust, microencapsulation and nano encapsulation method. The resultant fabrics were analyzed for their change in physical properties before and after finishing. The efficacies of the functional effects like UV resistant property, antibacterial and stain release ability were also analyzed. The result shows that, the treated material remains unaltered in most of the basic physical property. It was noted that the TiO2 shows best results in inhibiting the growth of bacteria with agar diffusion test method. The UV radiation protection results reveal that the treatment has improved the UPF R to 97% for all the treatment. The blocking of UV-A, B radiation is also more than 82%, irrespective of the treatment. It has poor repellency against stains like pickle and oil but shows good result in case of vegetable, soil and saffron. From the research work, it is evident that there was the treated fabric shows good stain release property and also gives protection to the body against UV radiation with better microbial protection.

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