Smart Underwear for Diabetic Patients

Hosun Lim


In recent years, as the demand for health care and proper diet increases,
smart clothing with a built-in health care monitoring system is likely to
have a high demand rate in the market. As diabetes is increasing, the
smart wear for diabetic patients is necessary. Therefore, this study
suggested the design of the smart underwear for diabetic patients. This
smart underwear is able to monitor diabetic patients’ health condition and
glucose levels through the glucose sensor and biosensors. Sensed vital
signs are transmitted to a dedicated operating transmitter, PC, PDA, or
mobile phone. Patients are able to have real time information about their
health condition, including blood sugar levels. It allows patients to
determine their blood sugar level and manage their diet and/or medication.
As the market’s demand for medical information increases, this smart
underwear will provide a significant part of the answer for patients.

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