Causticizing of Viscose Fabrics

Muhammed Ibrahim Bahtiyari, Kerim Duran, Aysegul Ekmekci Körlü, Mustafa Bahar, Arzu Ozerdem, Seher Perincek


Viscose treatment needs high care and know-how. Because viscose fabrics are more susceptible to the chemical treatment processes. In this study, causticizing which is generally found to be dangerous in the pretreatment of viscose fabrics was applied to viscose fabrics. It was found that the usage of caustic soda in pretreatment of viscose fabrics ensured considerable advantages in terms of pilling degree and color efficiency in textile printing and dyeing. After causticizing the surface of the fabrics becomes smoother and fuzzy of the fabric decreased and the crystallinity of the fabric increased. In addition, causticizing before dyeing and printing with reactive dyestuffs caused an increase in the color efficiency.

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