Sewability of Air-jet Textured Sewing Threads in Denim

Rajkishore Nayak, Rajiv Padhye, Sudersan Dhamija, Vijay Kumar


Sewability of a fabric depends on the fabric low-stress mechanical properties, sewing thread properties and the sewing machine settings. This paper investigates the sewability of denim fabrics stitched with air-jet textured sewing thread. It was found that the fabric formability is dependent on the fabric weight. Fabric formability was higher for the heavyweight fabrics and lower for the lightweight fabrics. The overall bending rigidity was the lowest for the denim with the lowest formability and weight. Polyester air-jet textured sewing threads resulted in higher seam efficiency and seam pucker, but lower needle cutting index compared to Polyester/Viscose air-jet textured sewing thread. In weft direction the seam efficiency was higher, whereas in warp direction the needle cutting index was higher for all the fabrics.

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