Rathinam Perumalraj Perumalraj


Having excellent permanent conductivity among all of its conductive fibres, metal wire exhibits electrostatic charging or discharging various industrial process because of friction, separation or conductive between objects. In the electronics industry in particular electronic product are becoming smaller, and are sensitive to sudden electrostatic discharging without any protecting device. The electrostatic discharge generates signal interference, resulting in the incorrect function of the electric facility or other breakdown. Therefore electrostatic protection and electromagnetic shielding are important. In this investigation the complex copper core spun yarn (Cotton Sheath and Polyester Sheath) of 179 tex, 118 tex, 98 tex & 84 tex count of copper core yarns were produced by Dref II friction spinning machines and the count of 74 tex & 59 tex of copper core yarns (Cotton Sheath and Polyester Sheath) were produced by ring spinning machines with core attachments device for electromagnetic shielding purpose. The paper reports the effects of the process variables on tensile properties of the copper core yarn as well as individual core and sheath components. Various parameters such as Spinning drum speed, the sliver material, core materials and count of the yarn were changed to investigate how various parameters affects the tenacity of the complex copper core spun yarn.

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