Sewing Performance of PV & PES Air-Jet Textured Sewing Threads in Denim Fabrics

Vijay Kumar


At present, mainly three types of sewing thread constructions are used in high speed sewing namely spun polyester thread, cotton wrapped poly core thread and poly wrapped poly core thread. As the manufacturing processes of these threads are very costly, air-jet textured sewing threads are the most economical option available today, and their introduction into the clothing indus┬Čtry is one of the best ways of reducing production costs. PES air-jet textured sewing thread gives higher seam efficiency, seam slippage and seam pucker as compared to PV air-jet textured sewing thread. PV air-jet textured sewing thread is more suitable for lighter denim whereas PES air-jet textured sewing thread is suitable for heavier denim.

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