Advanced Mass Customization in Apparel

Hosun Lim, Cynthia L. Istook, Nancy L. Cassill


The apparel industry is undergoing rapid evolutionary changes that have resulted from new technologies, globalization, and consumer demands. Consumers want and expect immediate, personalized service and more variety in product offerings. To survive in the apparel market apparel companies have increased their competitiveness through mass customization which is a new business strategy for goods and services. Today, Internet shopping has increased dramatically, especially for apparel, due to extensive product selection, low shipping costs, and large potential market sizes. Despite the rapid growth in online sales of apparel, some consumers are reluctant to shop for clothing on the Internet. They may perceive risk due to their inability to try on garments, feel the fabric, and read information on care and content labels, so they neglect to online. Therefore, 3D virtual try-on technologies for mass customization were developed by computer aided design systems. The virtual try-on is used to allow consumers the possibility to see themselves or a model matching their body measurements and shape wearing simulated garments online. The purpose of this paper is to review new product development and mass customization. This paper discusses apparel companies for mass customization and the future of advanced mass customization in apparel.

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