Investigation of a Hybrid Production System for Mass-Customization Apparel Manufacturing.

Chowdhury Jony Moin, Ferdous Sarwar, A.B.M. Sohailud Doulah


Competitive and Quick responsive behavior with high product mix and low volume of Global apparel market and increasing production cost compelled Mass Production apparel manufacturer shifted to Mass-Customization as well as to focus cost effective production strategies. The study focused on the apparel production system of apparel manufacturers to investigate the regular progressive bundling system (PBS) and a hybrid production system. In the proposed system bundling system was integrated with modular production system (MPS) and named as bundle modular production system (BMPS). A suitable package based on MTM was employed to standardize an existing production line in order to explore the existing and proposed system in the context of time study, work study, layout and costing. The study showed the favorable results for the proposed system in case of time study, work study and layout. The study also revealed that the hybrid system able to reduce 26.88% and 13.77% in fixed cost for line installation and variable cost per product respectively for a casual woven shirt. Practice of this system will reduce the production cost and lead time and hence able the companies to cope up the volatile market behavior with a reduced production cost.

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