An Investigation into the Properties of Knitted Fabrics made from Viscose Microfibers

G Ramakrishnan, Bhaarathi Dhurai, Samrat Mukhopadhyay


The purpose of this study is to compare the properties of the knitted fabrics made out of micro denier(< 1 denier) and normal denier(> 1 denier) viscose yarns and to investigate the physical, mechanical, comfort properties of such fabrics to explore the use of microfibers to achieve enhanced levels of comfort for apparel use.
Viscose microdenier fibers and normal-denier fibers were procured from Grasim Industries, India. Ring yarns were spun according to specifications given below and single jerseys knitted fabrics of identical parameters were produced from normal and microdenier fibers.
Microfiber fabrics show excellent drapeability. The moisture transmission properties like wicking and water absorbency show better results than viscose normal denier fabrics and other synthetic microfibers. The microfiber knitted fabric is dimensionally more stable when compared to that of normal denier knitted fabric because of less loop shape deformation and characterized by better stitch density and tightness factor.

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