Sonicator Dyeing of Cotton,Wool and Silk with the Leaves Extract

Padma S. Vankar


Malus sikkimensis. (Local name- Chap shaw sheng) belongs to family Rosaceae is being primarily used for preparing tea by Monpas tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. In the present study sonicator dyeing with Malus extract has been demonstrated. Pretreatment with 1-2 % metal mordant and using 5 % of plant extract (owf) was found to be optimum and showed very good hue colors for cotton, wool and silk dyed fabrics. We have demonstrated that the use of sonication in conjunction with metal mordanting has a synergistic effect on better dye uptake, dye adherence and eventually on good fastness properties of the dyed swatches of cotton, silk and wool.

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