Bagging Phenomenon on Jersey Knitted Fabrics

Feriel Bouatay, Adel Ghith


The aim of this paper is to study the influence of some jersey knitted fabrics characteristics stressed with bagging deformations. We apply a multidirectional stress on some knitted samples varying in composition, in yarn counts and in some knit parameters. We are interested on the permanent maximum deformation and on the maximum permanent bag-ging height. Experiments are carried out and we found that the bagging volume depends on the fabric strength properties, yarns count and the knit density, whereas the permanent maximum deformation characterizing the bagging phenomenon decreases when the yarn linear density increase (yarn count decrease) and when the course count decrease. A rheological study shows that the generalized Maxwell model with four parameters fits (represents) the knitted fabric reaction after the application of the multidirectional stress. Also, the statistical study shows that the material composition is the most impor-tant parameter on the bagging phenomenon.

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