Engineering of Tearing Strength for Pile fabrics

Nabiha Kotb


The tearing strength has a great correlation with the fabric serviceability, since the threads are broken singly during the test, which is the common mode of the fabric failure during usage. The aim of this work is to study some factors affecting the tearing strength of pile fabrics.
Nine factors were studied concerning machine settings, fabric structure, yarn type, and yarn count. Fractional Factorial Experiments on production scale were applied. Two groups were obtained and tested; before and after back sizing, each of them had 32 samples. Tearing strength was measured using the Trapezoidal method.
Significant Regression Relations were obtained concerning these factors and the fabric tearing strength. Based on the statistical analysis, significant factors were identified. The tearing strength is affected to a great extent by type and count of weft yarns, weft density, ground structure, and tension on ground yarns, while pile shape and pile designation shifting have lesser effects.

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