A Review of Spunbond Process

HoSun Lim


The spun bond process is widely used to produce nonwoven fabrics. Components of a spunbond process typically include a polymer feed, an extruder, a metering pump, a die assembly, a filament spinning, a drawing and deposition system, a web formation, a bonding zone, and a winding. Spunbond products are variously used in disposable and medical applications, automotive industry, filtration, civil engineering, packaging applications, carpet backing applications, geotextiles, durable papers, bedding, pillows, furnishings, etc. In the future, the consumption of spunbond fabrics is expected to continue to grow in both durable and disposable products. Spunbond products will also continue to rapidly increase its market share and penetrate new markets. The purpose of this paper is to have a comprehensive of spunbond technology, processes, markets, and the producers.

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