3D Grading and Pattern Unwrapping Technique for Loose-fitting Shirt Part 1: Resizable Design Template

Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem, Richard Kennon, Nick Clarke


This paper describes the Reverse Engineering (RE) and 3D modelling techniques used to develop a novel resizable design platform for use in virtual design; pattern flattening and automatic grading of men’s upper-body outerwear. Advanced body scanning technology and RE technique are applied to extract a set of sectional curves. The extracted curves are further processed in a CAD software program and used for new surface generation by applying a 3D modelling technique to form a resizable design platform, which is intended to be used as a 3D drawing board for the creation of virtual shirts and for the execution of 3D grading and automatic pattern flattening. As far as can be ascertained, such a resizable design platform for combined virtual design, automatic pattern creation and 3D grading of men’s shirt has not been previously demonstrated.

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