Handle and Comfort Characteristics of Cotton Core Spun Lycra and Polyester/Lycra Fabrics for Application as Blouse

Nirmala Varghese, G. Thilagavathi


Stretchable plain woven fabrics are developed with 60s cotton core spun lycra and polyester lycra twisted yarn (91D) in weft with cotton, silk and polyester in warp. The influence of fabric specifications on thermal comfort, primary and total hand value, stretch properties and pressure comfort is analyzed. The results indicated that cotton core spun lycra woven with polyester warp provided higher value of thermal conductivity, air permeability and water vapour permeability. The woven stretch fabrics produced with polyester warp, cotton core spun lycra and polyester lycra in weft has excellent aesthetic and drape properties. These fabrics have higher tensile resilience, tensile strain, lower shear rigidity, superior primary hand and a higher total hand value of 4.08 and 3.93 respectively and are best suitable for women’s blouse.

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