Country of Origin and Consumer's Willingness to Purchase an Apparel

Emine Ercan


The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationships among the consumer’s ethnocentrism, Attention-to- Social-Comparison-Information (ATSCI) level, Country of Manufacture (COM), Country of Design (COD) cues, and Country Image Effect(CIE) and determine what effects they have on consumers’ intentions.

The sample included American and Turkish university students. A model incorporating the hypothesized relationship among the variables was tested separately for the two apparel product categories of jeans and sweaters. Data were analyzed by a maximum-likelihood estimation procedure using LISREL VII. Findings indicated that favorable attitudes toward a product significantly predicted intention to purchase the product. The relationship between ethnocentrism, COM and country image were not statistically significant, but the relationship between ATSCI, COD and country image were specific of apparel product category for American consumers. The relationship between COD, ATSCI, ethnocentrism, and country image were statistically significant, but the relationship between COM and country image was not statistically significant of both apparel product categories for Turkish consumers.

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