Decolorization of High Polluted Textile Wastewater by Indirect Electrochemical Oxidation Process

Wafa Miled, A. Haj Said, S. Roudesli


It is attempted in the present investigation to treat a synthetic textile effluent containing indigo dye by indirect electro-oxidation. Electrochemical degradation process was performed using Graphite as anode and Stainless Steel as cathode. The influence of effluent pH, supporting electrolyte concentration and the current intensity on pollutant degradation were studied. The best removal of organic compounds contained in the waste has been obtained at pH 13, low electrolyte concentration and current intensity (0.1M and 200 mA, respectively). COD and percentage colour removal were 75% and 43% respectively. Due to its effectiveness and ease in operation, this technique can be applied for treatment of a large volume and industrial scale of textile wastewater.

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