Enhancing UV Protection of Cotton through Application of Novel UV Absorbers

J.N. Chakraborty


Intimacy of textiles to human skin and consequent upsurge in global skin disorders because of account of elevated exposure to UV radiations has provided thrust to develop UV protective clothing. Vulnerability of cotton against UV radiations necessitates introduction of various approaches to elevate its UV protection. In this study, performance of two conventional UV absorbers, viz. benzophenone and its derivative 2,4 dihydroxybenzophenone was studied in terms of ‘ultraviolet protection factor’ (UPF) as well as colour fastness, tensile strength, handle, etc. Performance of two novel UV absorbers, viz. avobenzone alone and in combination with octocrylene, was also evaluated for their ability to absorb UV radiation over a broader spectrum. The effect of UV finish with 2,4 dihydroxybenzophenone was found to be more pronounced compared to that with benzophenone; the UPF ratings increased upto 200 with avobenzone alone and in combination with octocrylene. The combination of the novel UV absorbers reduced the UV transmission considerably well below 1% in the UV-A and UV-B range along with good colour fastness and marginal reduction in air permeability, handle and tensile strength.

Keywords: UV radiation, UV absorber, cotton, reactive dyes, UPF

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