Working Hours and Stress in Different Satisfaction Situations: A Study of 180 Merchandising Staff in Hong Kong

Wen Ling Xiao, Wing Wai Liu, Wing Sun Liu


Long working hours have negative effects on employee health and safety in terms of performance, fatigue, psychological and physiological health, safety, and the work-life balance. As a result of globalization, it has become increasingly common internationally for people to work long hours. Many researchers have investigated the relationships among working hours, work stress, and job satisfaction in Western countries, but little research has been conducted in the Chinese community to determine the relationships between working hours and work stress, especially in different job satisfaction situations. The job nature of textile and clothing merchandising staff in Hong Kong is different from that in Western countries. The large time difference between Hong Kong and its two major markets, Europe and the United States, may result in longer working hours. The influence of these long working hours on the lives of staff members may thus be different from that in Western industries.
The main objective of this project is to investigate the influence of working hours on the work stress of Hong Kong textile and clothing merchandising staff with the mediation of job satisfaction.
Data from 180 merchandising staff members have been collected by questionnaire for multiple regression analysis.
The results suggest that people who report longer working hours generally suffer from higher levels of work stress. Although the influence of long working hours on work stress is weaker in high job satisfaction situations than it is in low job satisfaction situations, it is still statistically significant. Lastly, the results also suggest that job satisfaction plays an important role in mediating the influence of long working hours.

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