A New Technique for Reactive Dye Uptake by Jute Fabrics and their Physico-mechanical Properties

Sharfun Nahar Arju, Afsar Mohammad Ali, Mubarak Ahmed Khan, Dipak Kanti Das



The mixture of Albafix WFF (Polyamino Chlorohydrin Quaternary Ammonium Compound) and sodium hydroxide was used as a modifier for surface modification of jute fabrics to improve the dyeabilities of jute fibers. Jute fabrics were dyed with reactive dye (Drimarene Red K-8b) using conventional methods and some new approach of dyeing of jute fibers has been proposed. Reactive dye with or without sodium chloride and sodium carbonate were used to observe the nature of modification of jute fibers. Compared to the raw jute fibers, jute fibers could be dyed with reactive dye without using salt and sodium carbonate had higher color strength (K/S) values under the same dye concentration. Pretreated jute fabrics with the mixture of Albafix WFF and sodium hydroxide dyeing with 1% Drimarene Red K8b only had 125% higher exhaustion, 25% higher fixation value than that obtained by normal dyeing, and exhibited good washing fastness also.

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