Optimization of Wash Bath Temperature for Effective Biopolishing of Textile Garments

Samaraj Subramanian Thiyagarajan, K. Hari


Over the past several decades, various methods have been used by the garment industry to enhance the value of their products. The primary method has been through the use of chemicals. In the t-shirt manufacturing industry, the predominant method for adding value has been biopolishing. Pilling in cotton garments can negatively affect the appearance and durability of the garments. Improving the drapability and increasing the durability of the garments at low cost had gained traction as an alternative to the costly mercerizing process. Cellulase, a naturally occurring product made from microorganisms, has been beneficial for this use. Removing fuzz and making the fabric pill resistant is one of the main applications of microbial cellulase. Identifying an optimum wash bath temperature for biopolishing, and subsequent processing, will provide a strong economical reason for the garment processing industry to adopt this value-adding process.

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