Selective Utility Characteristics of Knitted fabrics for Sports Application

P. Kanakaraj, R. Ramachandran


Sports textiles are the important arena for the new product development to impart the functional characteristics. The knitted fabric is highly suitable for next to the skin wear, while under low loading conditions it acquires high extensibility which allows it to fit snugly and without discomfort on any form on which it is pulled. The sports garments and its protective accessories/wears manufactured from the knitted fabrics have higher functional properties. If there is a change in the wearer’s physical activity and external environment, the functional clothing creates a stable microclimate next to the skin of the sports person. The balancing of such a climate is achieved by means of textile structure also. The layered knit fabrics are suitable for functional and technical applications rather than single layer knit fabrics. The double and multi layered knit fabrics are used in sports for their unique transmission characteristics such as water vapour permeability, air permeability, thermal conductivity and moisture management property.

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