A Study of Anti-odor and UV-protection Behavior on Silk and its Polyester / Lyocell Mixed Fabric

J. Moses Jeyakodi, A. Mariappan, K. Vellingiri


Silk and lyocell are natural protein and cellulose polymeric materials. They are important in the fields of textile, apparel and garment. Polyester (PET) is one of the synthetic textiles with very good resistance towards chemical and microbial attacks. In this study it is decided to mix silk with polyester and lyocell. The fabric is then dyed with both natural dyes (kum, indigo, bar berry) and synthetic dyes (reactive dye (H), reactive dye (M) and Sulphur dye). This mixed fabric is compared with 100% silk for the k/s value, fastness properties, drapeability, thermal resistance, anti-odor and uv-protection behaviors. The silk mixed fabric gives very good results compared with the 100% silk fabric.

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