Fabric Retailing: What Properties do Fabric-Store Customers use to Perceive Aesthetic Differences in Selected Polyester Knit Fabrics?

Richard T. Cary


It has been reported there are more than 30-million sewing enthusiasts in the USA. When these sewing enthusiasts go to fabric stores, what properties do these fabric-store customers use to perceive aesthetic differences in selected polyester knit fabrics? The selected knit fabrics were similar in fiber type and length, yarn type, and fabric color. The fabrics were different in thickness, stretch, and other properties. A total of 200 customers were surveyed at fabric stores in the USA. The results indicated the fabric-store customers used 12 properties to perceive aesthetic differences in the selected fabrics: appeal, brightness, dressiness, firmness, luster, richness, smoothness, stiffness, stretch, tenseness, thickness, and unusualness.

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