Bunker Gear for Fire Fighters: Does it fit today’s fire fighters?

Lynn M. Boorady


The fit of bunker gear is important to ensure the protection of the firefighter when they are combating structural fire and performing other hazardous duties. Bunker gear is regulated by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) which requires a range of sizes and certain fit regulations due to safety. Firefighters are a specific segment of the population which may be appropriate for a specific sizing scheme. Body scans of career and volunteer male firefighters were compared to SizeUSA data. Differences were found in the height and weight, with male firefighters being heavier and taller than the general population. This research also looks at the procurement and sizing of bunker gear, analyzes body scan data specific to the firefighter population and suggests developing a sizing system specific to this population. A larger study would need to be conducted in order obtain statistically significant results.

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