Objective Evaluation of Terry Fabric Handle

Diana Krasteva, Galya Kandzhikova


The aim of the work is development of a methodology and an integrated assessment for objective evaluation of terry fabric handle. They should meet the following criteria, which will allow to use them not only in scientific researches, but also in the quality control of products in manufacturing plants: to be based on standardized methods or universal appliances, the assessment to be easily calculated and to comply with the most common scale for handle evaluation – that of Kawabata.

The integrated assessment is derived my means of the multiple regression analysis and includes six characteristics of terry fabrics that have a proven impact on handle: thickness, relative compression at pressing, bending stiffness, coefficient of elasticity at tension, coefficient of elasticity at shearing and dynamic coefficient of friction. The assessment obtained corresponds to the subjective one.

The methodology for evaluation is worked out as a draft standard. A software application for automatic computation of the assessment is developed. It runs under Windows, does not require installation and is easy to use.

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