Establishing a Rating Scale for Knitted Garment Industry based on Man Machine Ratio for Ethiopia

Ambika Mehtre, Mulat Alubel, Tesfu Berhane


Garment is recently developing industry with significantly promising role for the countries future modernization and development. However, this industry is not without a problem which affects productivity. The purpose of this paper is review the Effective use of machines and manpower in manufacturing of apparel products for ensuring high productivity investment from available resources in today’s competitive business environment. The methodology to be adopted will basically be analysis where the Ethiopian knitted garment industries stand in the rating scale which has been created based on man machine ratio. The findings of this paper are based on international suppliers of sewing machine and their methodology used but also to have better utilization of current resources. The researcher concludes although there are many ways of rating the standards for the garment industry based on many factors, the garment manufactures has put in place and know where they stand in the scale compared with the standard (international) manufactures and how it could be used as a benchmark in reducing the indirect cost.

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