Considerations while designing Acoustic Home Textiles: A Review

Hafeezullah Memon, Zamir Ahmed Abro, Arsalan Ahmed, Nazakat Ali Khoso


The aim of this paper is to provide the idea of the level of the research being carried out worldwide in the area of acoustic home textiles. This paper covers the brief introduction of various aspects being analyzed in 21st Century, where the research methodology is booming day and night. The critics on the papers is omitted and everyone’s research related to sound or noise absorbing home textile or even general textile material suitable for home textiles is warmly welcomed. The final summary is presented in the conclusion section after the extensive available research in the area of sound or noise insulating home textiles. This review depicts the acoustical property and factors affecting the acoustical property of home textile material from raw materials to the finished goods. Moreover, the measurement of acoustic property and sound absorption mechanism of home textiles have also been described. The significance of textile materials and making the better acoustic home textiles has also been presented. A large variety of textile raw material being used in the area of acoustic home textiles is quoted and described.

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