Assessment of Lean in Apparel Export Industry of National Capital Region(India)

Dr. Prabhjot - Kaur, Dr. Kavita - Marriya, Dr. Radha - Kashyap


Timely and reliable measurement of manufacturing performance improvements after lean initiation in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) not only enables the organization to evaluate the success of lean implementation, but, also to understand key areas for future improvements. Keeping the importance of using Key Performance Indicators (KPI), the present study was designed to comparatively assess the improvement in manufacturing performance among lean and non-lean initiated apparel units of National Capital Region (India) in terms of manufacturing key performance indicators -productivity, quality, work in progress and efficiency.The study was limited to 10 lean initiated and non -lean initiated apparel units each manufacturing the ladies garments in NCR. Apparel units in National Capital Region (NCR), India were selected using inclusion and exclusion criteria from the member list of Apparel Export Promotion Council, Gurgaon, India. A common full sleeve collar ladies top or shirt style was selected for this study. The Time Study Method was used to record the time taken to accomplish various operations involved in manufacturing of the selected common garment. Data was collected for all production days of the chosen design style.The result revealed that the lean initiated apparel export firms had higher operator productivity, total labour productivity and efficiency than the non- lean initiated units. Defect per hundred units and percentage defective in the lean initiated units were found significantly lower than the non- lean initiated units except for work in progress. Year of lean initiation was found to have significant difference in the performance of an apparel unit in the terms of efficiency and quality except for the productivity and work in progress.The research aimed to bring about awareness regarding positive impact of implementation of lean as the ultimate solution which could drive the global apparel industry towards achieving business excellence in today’s heightened cut throat competition in the global apparel sector.

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