Civilized Environment as a Source of Inspiration in Fashion Design by Using Computer

Suhaila Hassan Al-Yamani, Hanan Abdul Halim Bukhari


The urban environment is an important source of inspiration and of a special nature provide designers vocabulary and new elements which play a major role in directing his thoughts, taking the two stages, one interior, related to cognitive abilities, including culture, physiological and biological capabilities, and the other is in relation to the external environment, where the design process based to organize visual (Nasr, 2000).

The objectives of the study are to identify some milestones of the civilized environment in different societies (buildings, facades, lightings), to focus on the aesthetic components of the civilized environment, additionally, innovations and solutions offering for the fashion design by re-arranging and organizing the aesthetic components of the civilized environment in constructive ways that commensurate with the dimensions of structural design by using computer.

The most important results are:
1 – The ability to achieve new designs through the aesthetic components available in
the civilized environment.

2 - The study showed how enrich is the civilized environment with artistic aesthetic that has been utilized as a source of inspiration in the field of fashion design.

3 - Researchers have designed a collection of new invented fashion using computer; which led to the diversity in forms, colors, and re-organized civilization elements.

Finally, the study is concluded by recommendation to teach art & design college students the computer drawing programs as they have a positive impact on the development of innovative thinking and imagination, while taking advantage of its features in the production of various designs.

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