Physico-Mechanical Properties of Finished Denim Garment by Stone-Enzymatic Treatment

Md. Ibrahim H. Mondal, Md. Mashiur Rahman Khan, Md. Firoz Ahmed


Washing of fresh-assembled denim garment is a fundamental finishing treatment in textile and garment industries and has the largest effect on the physico-mechanical properties on finished denim garment. In this study, modification of denim garment by washing using pumice stone mixed with cellulase enzyme was investigated. The fresh-assembled denim pants, twill 3/1 weave and composition 100% cotton, have been processed by stone-enzymatic treatment using parameters namely concentrations of pumice stone (10 to 70%) (owg) mixed with concentration of cellulase enzyme (2.0%) (owg) at washing temperature (55oC) and pH (4.5-7.0) for treatment time (40 min) in the fiber to liquor ratio of 1:10 in an industrial sample washing machine. In order to evaluate the influence of these washing parameters on the properties of denim garment like tensile strength, elongation at break, fabric weight, color change, dimensional characteristics, stiffness and water absorption, has been determined. Fabric surface was also examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and fluorescence microscope (FM). It can be concluded that the washing parameters had influence on the physico-mechanical properties of finished denim garment. Especially stone-enzymatic treatment helps to get the required color fading effect and softness of denim garment, which gave a new-look appearance and good wear performance to the fabric distinctly. The results indicate that for producing sustainable denim garment the optimized washing condition for the best value is 30% pumice stone mixed with 2.0% cellulase enzyme in the stone-enzymatic treatment.

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