Reactive Printing and Crease Resistance Finishing of Cotton Fabrics Part I - Study of Influential Factors by an Experimental Design Approach

Fareha Asim, Dr. Muzzaffar Mahmood


Experimental design is a standard statistical technique used to identify key factors and levels that influence the process. In the present investigation, the factors affecting the Combined operation of reactive printing and crease resistance finishing was designed and analyzed using Design of Experiment (DOE).The influence of individual factors and their interactions on color yield (k/s) and Dry Crease Recovery Angle (DCR) has been critically examined using software Design Expert 7.0.The results showed that apart from the influence of individual factors, the final color yield and dry crease recovery angle also depended on the interaction effect of the factors. It has been observed from present analysis that the predicted values are in good agreement with experimental data, the correlation coefficients were found to 0.9802 & 0.9139

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