Scope and Effect of Retting Treatment on Tensile Characteristics of Natural Fiber Extracted From Phragmites Australis (Naanal)

P. Kanakaraj, Bilal Shaikh, K. Karthika, Mohamad Yuns


Wide ranges of natural fibers are used for the new product developments. Phragmites australis is a perennial grass that grows in wetland or near inland waterways. The preferred common name of phagmites australis is common reed (Naanal). Due to its fast growing properties and low content of nutrients and water, it is used for many applications. An attempt has been taken for the extraction of fibers from the reed. The chemical retting process is adopted for the extraction of fibers from the plant. There are three concentrations of NaOH, namely 3%, 4% and 6% has been taken for fiber extraction process. Based on result, as the concentration of NaOH increases, the strength (N) and elongation (%) of the reed fiber also increased.

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