Effect of Twist Multipliers on Air Permeability Property of Single Jersey and Rib 1x1 Knitted fabrics

Dereje Berihun Sitotaw


This paper focuses on effect of twist multiplier on air permeability property of single jersey and rib1x1 knitted fabrics. For this study three yarn twist levels namely 900turns/m, 1050turns/m and 1200turns/m with respective twist multipliers of 3.6, 4.2 and 4.8 are used. The yarn count for this research is 40Ne which is 100% cotton carded ring spun yarn.
Different researchers work on air permeability property of knitted fabrics in relation to yarn count, tightness factor, fabric structures, loop length and finishing process. But, Effect of twist multiplier on knitted fabrics air permeability properties net yet studied more. Air permeability of different fabrics affected by twist multiplier differently and the effect is shown in this study briefly and clearly.

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