Comparison of American Women Apparel Sizes for Mass Customization

Siming Guo


This paper analyzed the data collected from the Size USA and compared the results with ASTM D5585-11 (2011), which is the newest US female size standard. The size standards development and mass customization are applications of 3D body scanning in the apparel industry. Americans getting bigger and heavier significantly affected the apparel size standards. The results of the comparison found that waist sizes in ASTM D5585-11 are smaller than actual American women’s. The linear regression equations discussed in this paper are for waist girth prediction. The sizing range of the waist-length-back is narrower than the average women’s measurement because ASTM D5585-11 is made for a woman’s height of 651/2 inches. Companies could design garment patterns based on their target consumers’ sizes. Results found in the study could be useful for the apparel product development in mass customization.

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