Vol 7, No 2 (2011)

Cover Page
Welcome to this issue of the Journal of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management!

Since JTATM’s first launch in September 2000 as an online journal, the goal of the Journal has been to provide textile- and apparel-related scholarly research to industry, government and academia. Our focus has been to provide the art, science, and management perspectives, and this new issue provides all three for you, our target audience!

What began in 2000 as a creative endeavor to capitalize on the growing interest in sharing textile- and apparel-related information online, has resulted in a global online distribution of readership! As always, we are open to your thoughts and ideas about future articles and the emerging issues we should examine for the dynamic textile and apparel value chains!

Indeed, it is an exciting time for textiles and apparel! September-November 2011 may find you participating in various industry events: Barcelona (for ITMF, ITMA, Textile Exchange global conference), Fashion Week and market weeks (around the world for various textile end use products), Fiber Society/AATCC conference, ITAA Conference, Asian Textile Conference and numerous or other events.

From our perspective at College (and JTATM), some of the many opportunities we see occurring for today and the future include:

INNOVATION: We continue to dialogue and partner with key companies that are interested in innovative approaches to textile products -- fibers, yarns, fabrics, plus finished goods with end uses in apparel, home, industrial/commercial, transportation, medical, and nonwoven products. In addition, we are finding innovative service strategies continuing to emerge… such as packaging, as well as servicing supply chain partners, as well as communication (especially social media!!) to the end customer/consumer. At the College of Textiles, we have a forthcoming program in Fashion and Textile Design, incorporating the aesthetic, functional, technical, and expressive (tied with brand-equity) aspects of fashion and textile products and services.

FASHION: Fashion, once thought of only with apparel products, IS now used in our industry as both a noun and a verb! Related to product innovation and change, we continue to see “fashion” in home products (furniture, home textile products, outdoor awnings, and many more products!), apparel, transportation (including automobiles, as well as marine craft and other modes), and some forthcoming innovation in the medical field (our senior capstone class is researching hospital maternity gowns!). Spring 2012 will be the first ever Fashion Week, April 11-13, 2012, held at the NC State College of Textiles!

SUSTAINABILITY: North Carolina State University, led by our College of Management, has identified key areas of sustainability research and LCA activities. Personnel in the College of Textiles have several research projects focusing on textile-related sustainability (raw material acquisition, manufacturing, inventory analysis, economic competitive and business solutions). Spring 2011, Dr. Sam Moore, Director of Oeko-Tex for North America, taught a graduate seminar focusing on sustainability. In addition, NC State University has recently joined The Sustainability Consortium (TSC). Sustainability continues to provide creative opportunities for industry/academic partnerships for research and education.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurship continues to be of growing interest for our students – whether they desire to “own their own business” and/or work for an entrepreneurial-minded company. Centennial Campus has a “garage” to help realize entrepreneurial opportunities, and our University community continues to discuss ways for collaboration within the university – as well with our various communities. Vice Chancellor Lomax has established a Springboard Partnership Council, with representatives internal to NC State who are “reaching out” to various global communities. Our College’s Entrepreneurship Club enjoys various entrepreneurs sharing their ideas and experiences – to broaden our thinking regarding textiles!

TECHNOLOGY: Technology remains an important element for our research and education programs. Our work with composites, electro-textiles, the work with the military, as well as products for niche markets, may technology a core component for our education and research programs. Our College laboratories and studios continue to have some of the latest technology available, with our students utilizing these technologies as well as industry software!

BRAND MARKETING AND RETAIL: Our College’s largest undergraduate student enrollment is in the Fashion and Textile Management (FTM) program. Our students have the textile product foundation, combined with in-depth program information in the areas of brand marketing, technical design, and retail and supply chain management in textiles. Our FTM Industry Advisory Board, comprised of 21 global industry executives, provides key advisory, visionary planning, and “connectivity” for our program (students as well as faculty). It has been important that the College embrace the entire textile value chain (including our retail partners) , as well as the importance of brand marketing for textile products.

These are a few of our challenges and opportunities as we look to the future! As always, we invite you to share this online issue with colleagues, as well as communicate directly with Dr. Moon Suh, Managing Editor, and the Editorial Board members. Enjoy this issue – and plan a visit to the NC State College of Textiles!