Vol 8, No 3 (2013)

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Welcome to this issue of the Journal of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management!

The Journal of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management (JTATM) is celebrating its 13th year as an online journal. The goal of JTATM has been to disseminate peer reviewed scholarly research to the textile and apparel industry, government, and academia and facilitate the integration between technology and management.

There have been transformational changes in the fashion, textile, apparel and retail sectors of the Global Textile Complex over the past few decades. The primary influencers resulting in these changes are the advancement of technology, globalization, and a shift in marketing strategies. Web-based communication structures, computer aided design and product lifecycle management are just a few of the technological changes impacting the industry. The shift of manufacturing location has also had a significant impact on the industry and has been aided by the advances in technology. Marketing strategies have shifted to a brand/product development business model. There has been an explosive growth in the fast fashion market and we are seeing increasing use of social media to gain information from the public regarding products and trends.

There have also been changes in strategic planning to be more prepared for the industry of today. In the 1950’s the focus of strategic planning was on production and in the 1960’s and 70’s it shifted to product. By the 1980’s there was increasing focus in retailing and then a shift to the consumer in the 1990’s. As we entered the 21st century, strategic planning became consumer centric with efforts to gain feedback from the consumer on everything from products to purchasing experiences. The advances in technology, with the introduction of mobile devices and social media, resulted in more effective and efficient methods of collecting this data. In addition, more tools used to complete analysis of the data have been developed.

As our industry is highly innovative and adaptive, there will continue to be change. At NCSU College of Textiles, we aim to prepare the future leaders in the industry through the development of creative and critical thinking skills with a strong foundation in industry technology combined with design and management theory. This combination will contribute to innovative and sound decision making. We recognize the importance of an integrated understanding of technology and management on all sectors of the global textile industry, including design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and merchandising. We are quite proud of the fact that JTATM has been unique in fulfilling the new challenges for the fusion and integration.

In this issue of the JTATM we include topics that span the global textile complex from wet processing to on-line shopping to the New York Garment Industry. These reflect just some of the trends influencing the fashion, textiles, apparel, and retail industries today.

We invite you to share this online issue with colleagues, as well as communicate directly with Dr. Moon Suh, Managing Editor, and the Editorial Board Members. Enjoy this issue, and plan to visit the NC State College of Textiles!

Karen K. Leonas, Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Department of Textile and Apparel Technology and Management
College of Textiles
NC State University