Relationships between Black Pine Wood Production (m3 per year) and Some Habitat Factors in the East Mediterranean Region



Site factors, Site index, Wood production, Earthquake damaged forests


The present study aims to identify the relations between the wood production (m3 per year) of the black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold.) and its habitat characteristics in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. A total of 120 samplings with different aspects, site altitudes, and site classes were studied. In each sample area, at least 5 trees were designated, and soil samples were taken by excavating earth pits. Certain characteristics of the soil samples were identified in the laboratory environment. The relations between the dominant height values of the trees in the sample areas and soil, climate, and physiographic factors were analyzed using correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and artificial neural network methods. Significant relations between the wood production values of the trees in the sample areas and slope from physiographic habitat characteristics, average annual temperature from climate characteristics, and pH and total carbonate from soil characteristics were found. The wood production of black pine was explained by multiple regression analysis at a level of 22.4% and by artificial neural network method at 72%.






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