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BioResources publishes research articles, review articles, and editorials on topics related to the science of cellulosic substances and their uses in such fields as composites, paper, engineered wood, bioenergy, etc.  To help speed up the process, authors use a template.  The journal staff pre-edit the English in each article before the peer-review process starts. 

Why you should publish with BioResources:

  • Research published open-access & authors retaining copy rights
  • Low publication fee, with comprehensive editing service included
  • Efficient peer-review process & open access platform
  • Impact factor 1.747 (Clarivate), ~ 600 published articles per year
  • Efficient peer-review process; articles published fast after acceptance
  • Ranked #2 in Wood Sci. & Technol. (Google Scholar—https://bit.ly/33GVdOZ)
  • Authors retain copy rights
  • University-based journal; excess funds only support student scholarships

Technical Editor:  Martin A. Hubbe, Professor, North Carolina State University, hubbe@ncsu.edu

Managing Editor:  Lucian A. Lucia, Professor, North Carolina State University, lucia-bioresources@ncsu.edu

The main publication website of BioResources is as follows:


The "Open Journal Systems" website that you are viewing now is primarily intended for: (a) submission of articles after careful preparation, following the Author instructions and using a template; (b) management of the peer-reviewing process; and (c) distribution of journal content to participating database services.


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Vol. 19 No. 3 (2024)
Published: 2024-05-01

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