Wood-Based Additive Manufacturing: Current Methodologies


  • Adam Fazekas University of Sopron, Sopron, 9400, Hungary
  • Vera Suri Institute Engineer, University of Sopron, Sopron, 9400, Hungary
  • Endre Magoss Director of Institute and Associate Professor, University of Sopron, Sopron, 9400, Hungary


Additive methods, Wood-based manufacturing, 3D printing, Potential of wood


Wood-based additive manufacturing (AM), some examples of which are called 3D printing, is a promising technology for reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and increasing the sustainability of the construction industry. This review paper provides an overview of various AM methods, including commonly used wood-based techniques and the mechanical and physical properties of their products. The paper also discusses challenges related to precision and surface finish in wood-based AM and identifies areas for future research, including the effects of wood species, particle size, and processing parameters on the mechanical properties and dimensional stability of wood-based AM products. The review concludes by discussing the potential implications of wood-based AM for sustainable materials and the construction industry, along with recommendations for future research such as the development of new wood-based AM techniques and exploration of new applications for this technology. This paper provides valuable insights into the current state of wood-based AM research and its potential to revolutionize sustainable manufacturing practices.



2023-07-07 — Updated on 2023-07-31



Scholarly Review